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Conscious Choices

Did you know that the footwear industry produces over 20 billion pairs of conventional shoes annually? These are often made with harmful plastics, animal products, and toxic chemicals, contributing massively to landfill waste and severe pollution.

This is why it's crucial to shop for sustainable products and promote change in the industry. We use five key sustainability criteria to select our brands.

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Five sustainability Criteria

Certified Materials: Prioritize sustainable materials with certifications and known provenance, such as GOTS, FSC, VEGAN, or PETA.
Supply Chain Practices: Ensure a transparent supply chain, fair wages, adequate working conditions, and animal cruelty-free practices.
Manufacturing Processes: Emphasize renewable energy use, CO2 reduction, and water-efficient machinery, including purifying water after use.
Environmental Initiatives: Prioritize active engagement in environmental or recycling programs.
Sustainable Packaging: Mandate the use of recycled, compostable, and recyclable shipping materials

Find all the information you need in the "About the Brand" and "Sustainability" tabs on the product page.

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